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First Month on the Android Market

One month have passed  since I published my first app on the Android market. So i decided to share some stats from the first few weeks – how many downloads, how much revenue from ads– all that stuff. Hopefully this will give you some idea of how far I’ve come with this first app in one month, and what should be further growth. There are plenty of screenshots, so you’ll get to see exactly what has been happening in detail.

On September 14 I uploaded the first release version of Air Horn. For this release  actual download numbers  were quite underwhelming. Take a look at the graph for the first couple of weeks (starting from the first version release):

Here as you can see after 5 days i had 151 active instals of  Air Horn

That was quite sad news for me! Let me describe a little bit what was 1st version of air horn:

-It had Terrible icon made in paint

-Almost no description

-Only one sound

-bad add placement, i had 2 ads above and bellow play button

Comparing it to rest of similar apps it was crap.

1st version generated abut 100 installs  with 40 active installs per day.



As i mentioned earlier it was overall bad application with bad ads design. Let me show you how it went with ads in my 1st month.













As you can see income from ads was not so bad compared to development time i spent on Air Horn

After 15 days it earned 8.79$ And it took me about 2 hours to make it.

Spikes in revenue are related to just in category and weekends that increment amount of impressions






As you know already i run Ad-mob advertising. I was getting quite big ctr but that was going to change in relation to bigger impression number.



So, in summary, this month has seen:

  • Total Installs:3780
  • Active Users: 1563
  • AdMob Impressions:10,289
  • AdMob Revenue: $8.78

I’m quite happy with the overall progress, and it’s given me plenty of opportunities to learn. From Google Analytics to AdMob and ScoreNinja, there are several third-party libraries which have integrated nicely. The advertising revenue is off to a good start too. Thanks to everyone who has emailed their support – your kind comments are greatly appreciated! It’s great to know if people find these posts useful (or not!), and if you do have any other comments or questions feel free to send them through. Feedback is always a good thing :)

Moving into the next month (just tipped past 8,000 total installs), I planned to update Air Horn further, including additional sound and recording mode. Also, on the agenda: explore Flurry and google analytics.

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